It depends, really. Sometimes it's a spontaneous urge, sometimes it's me drinking and coding whilst doing so.
Sometimes it's a lot of coffee as mentioned in another post commenting on this week's topic.

Regarding the drinking: for some reason my code works and I write more in less time.

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    I don't know why alcohol helps, but it certainly does sometimes.

    Actually, I probably can imagine: helps to stop me overthinking details that are ultimately unimportant. Fiddly details can be sorted out once the problem is essentially solved, with the aid of caffeine.
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    Alcohol probably help because, while it's reduces logical thinking, it boosts creativity, and as much as programming is a science, it's much more art, sooooooo
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    Alcohol reduces stress, makes you care less about every single detail, and therefore allows you to be more creative.

    I drink primarily because of the first.
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