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    Such contribution
    Much wow
    Bestest winner
    Awesome sauce
    Cool story

    But....Needs more dragons

    Oh Wowo, Yet another meme with your name on it. 😩

    YES, I'm being the grumpy old man around here today.
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    Plot twist: your power brick is so incredibly power efficient that it gives out no heat
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    @C0D4 careful now. People got mad at me last time I was grumpy with someone new because the feelings of the new "contributors" are precious 🙄
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    @Elyz but, this one isn't new and a repeat offender. 😪
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    @C0D4 oui. I know. I see all and I get mad at all.
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    This is how I keep my feet warm in my home office sometimes
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    How about this: ventillators that blow towards the keyboard during winter. Your hands will never be frozen again
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