Soo.. we always knew facebook is evil and manipulates aunties into some weird conspiracy theories

But finally got some reason to convince my friends and family to migrate from Whatzap (aka facebook2) to Signal or Telegram :)

Forcing users to share their information went to a complete different direction of the world is going to. Kinda of glad that this finally burst out of the tech bubble


My question is if there are any alternatives to Instagram?

Fingers crossed tiktok is not the only other option 😅

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    @NoMad is that Pinterest??
    I feel is more for business, not for everyday peoplbut thanks
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    @priandpasta lol nope. I was putting a pin on this post so I get notified of comments in future. I'm also interested in this topic.
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    @NoMad hahah ok thought it was code for something 😅
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    You guys should check out Mastodon it's a free open source Federated social network that is really just like twitter
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    I don't think social media can help but be stupid and abusive.

    Either it will be the platforms or the users, but one way or another every platform will just go to shit eventually. Seems like those turnovers are getting more rapid too.

    Like if the goal is to have a social media, but to NOT participate in all of social media's downfalls, I don't think the platform or it's privacy policy matters.

    The problem with social media isn't the media... it's the social.
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    It makes a huge difference on regards to privacy and how a platform can manipulate people by choosing what information/news to show them
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