thinking about making git blogging viewer that will just pull markdown files from github blog repos and render them nicely for viewers. would anyone use it?

i imagine people would just commit markdown files to a repo, and then people could view them like a blog and follow a bunch of blogs (repo) on their phone or desktop. i’ll add support for jekyll and other markdown html generators too.

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    to rephrase better because wow that was bad: i saw someone blog just by committing markdown files to a git repo. i thought that’s a great idea, and i thought a mobile/desktop client where people could follow the blogs/repos would be nice. maybe it would even catch on.
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    Setup a static site generator and use something like netlify to auromatically deploy the blog. As for comments you voild use something like utterances or discourse or self host something on a cloud provider like commento
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 no, i don’t want to start a blog. i want to create a way of blogging where people just commit markdown files to a repo, and then create a client to just read the markdown from the repo
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    What you're trying to create, already exist: cf. Any Git-based CMS and *JAM stack*.
    I mean, feel free to create one (which would be a good learning opportunity).
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