Explaining cloud concepts funny way

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    Pizza and software... I like them both. When you mix them, its even more delicious!
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    This is surprisingly accurate
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    Always explain software concepts in terms of pizza
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    Dunno why "on premise" is called "legacy", as if people don't do it or are not supposed to do it anymore.
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    Isn't the PaaS part wrong ? I also get drinks delivered ... So shouldn't it be at least shared responsibility?
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    Infrastructure normally isn't an ingredient.

    IaaS: Energy, kitchen without tools, dining table, worker.
    PaaS: IaaS + kitchen tools (not really accurate but the boundary to IaaS is somewhat soft anyways).
    SaaS: PaaS + cookbook for the worker.
    The actual things to process (ingredients and drinks) aren't included in any *aaS.

    The (missing) fifth column is the full outsourcing. You don't even need to use the software yourself - someone else is doing it for you.
    This last column contains dining out, but also getting a ready-to-eat pizza delivered to your premises. It also includes dumping your documents at an external accountant and getting a ready-to-sign tax declaration back.
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    I would like to take this time to say pizza is over rated
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