Joined a hackathon for an app which requires a server to help parse a few things and send push notifications. Looked up Google push notifications and it seemed decent so I just bookmarked it and left it there for reference during the hackathon. Biiigggg mistake. No idea how to implement the server, couldn't find a tutorial that explains enough for a newbie like me and the Google site didn't help much either. Welp. Google cloud messaging. Never gonna like those words ever.

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    GCM is not something you figure out and implement in a few hours, eh?
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    @nmaggioni not for me =/ I don't really have much experience in making a server and since it's upstream requires a server in between, it was a real problem for me
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    @euph I was not sarcastic indeed, it was quite a hassle to implement for me as well, the first time :)
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