Sentence (in private, outside the scope of CEO or such)
- sort it out yourself! fuck you, worm! I'll get you fired! I'll crush you with an hammer
(something very insulting, screaming)

- to exasperate the target. So he/she will fight back, maybe at the wrong time. Or he/she will try to stay quiet, but he/she will explode inside.
- make clear to everybody that the mobber is the danger

- The mobber will deny he/she ever said that. The target cannot prove it. Nobody will support the target, not even the witnesses, as they are scared. The CxO will not believe he/she could have said that, because he/she is apparently mild mannered and respectful with all directive positions.
- The target has a dilemma: or he/she denounces the words to the managers, but he/she will be considered a defamer, or worst.
Or he/she takes it in, and in such case, he/she will be slowly destroyed psychologically.

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    Either record it or just leave a toxic workplace.

    Also, for me it sounds like that person is just a small brain fuckface. Wouldn’t care one bit he says.
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    “Sure. Send all of that over in an email and we’ll go from there.”

    Make these people put their shit in writing.

    I literally do nothing without having the request in writing.

    As for the insults and stuff, as a subcontractor I’d send over a line item for “Chad being a dick” for say 3 hours. They don’t like it or believe me, or more importantly don’t pay me the three hours, they can find another dev.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi like the idea of the line item. I'd dream a situation were I could actually do that...
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