Magento 2.

If you've worked with it, you know why.
If you don't know why, do yourself a favor and keep it that way.

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    I promise you, 1.x is worse 😂
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    @SirusAmory Worked with that as well.
    Design is worse, reliability that stuff wont break on you or do a lot of unexpected things you did not ask for makes it for me a better choice than 2.X. With the exception of of course
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    I do not hear too many positive things about Magento. Seems more negative.
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    @Jumpshot44 thats because of reasons. The community is whats keeping it alive, and the community is there because customers want it. the system itself is buggy, hardly secure, and a lot of shitty extensions that customers insist on having in their store
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    @Grom I found in an old 1.9.2 site that I used to have to maintain that things would just randomly break for no reason. Once the store just stopped calculating and adding tax for no reason, and I had to swap the cart functions out for something different :/
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    @SirusAmory have you tried flushing the cache? its nearly always the cache, and if it isnt the cache, its probably still the cache xD
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    @Grom haha yeah, first stop every time :') we ended up setting a cron to clear every cache every night just so that things didn't break :')

    Never found out where that error came from, we migrated to a new system so I don't have to deal with that hell much anymore.
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