Just release the first version of my next project to help my classmates in their studies

Here is the link

If you want to check it out

I build it with AngularJs

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    Looks cool! A bit cluttered for my linking, but still cool!
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    Would like the animations a bit more snappy. Maybe a lesser transition time.
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    It looks really cool and surprisingly as an Angular project, I didn't expect it to work this better.
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    @Xoka thanks

    May be it is because i plugged in my design skill as well
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    @3rdWorldPoison which animations?
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    @Afrographics I'm talking about the transitions in tabs.
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    While we're at it, a few more things of note.

    The filter modal shoots from the top left side of page the first time it's triggered. I think you're passing the position while it's already fading in. Consider killing the transition on top/left properties for the modal.

    The tab component staggered a bit sometimes in my experience. Maybe it's doing some heavy calculations during the transition. If not maybe you'd like to have a look at ngZone and its runOutside methods which skip over needless state updation.

    Rest looks solid. Well done my man!
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