I never read terms & conditions, do you?

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    I try to as much as possible because privacy reasons. Also, tosdr.org helps a bunch 😄
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    What if you're more efficient than the average person, and you did actually read it all the day before, and then took some time to make a decision, and then finally decided [the next day] to sign up?

    Apple did this to its customers. Don't make the same mistake. Shit like this can start wars.
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    no reason to read them as i need to accept them and cannot argue with the person who wrote it if i doesnt like some parts of it.
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    @gdb123 True, if I don't like then I just don't sign up 😄
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    I would hate this as I'm living in Germany where these clauses aren't valid anyways as a vendor needs to point these out before selling the software...
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    Blizzard makes you scroll down in wow. Every major patch :/
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    Reading the terms and conditions once saved me from being infected by a virus
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    Doing something like this would most likely make me exit and uninstall, forcing something on users is never a good idea.
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