Moments like this are why I pay my internet bill, even if we are all infected with “the stupid” I love you guys

Inb4: a good post also died for this

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    Seen this guy around, severe annoyance on this website
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    I hate it when 4chan incels spill outside. It should be considered a biological hazard.
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    @msdsk I kinda doubt that guy browses 4chan
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    I mean, it's a literal neonazi dogwhistle coming directly from 4chan.
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    @msdsk dude's constantly complaining about gab (and it's derivatives), because "reeee they have opinion I don't like"
    That doesn't really fit in with the stereotype you're on about
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    @LotsOfCaffeine I don't browse 4chan... but only because I outgrew that shit about 10 years ago.

    I was on 4chan when it was good from like '08 to '12.

    Like, do you people have any idea how long I've been trolling? If you're under like 25 I was trolling IRC BEFORE YOU WERE BORN.

    Mostly these days I travel around fucking up every single alt-right whackadoo sight... It's super easy to make these mouth breathers say illegal shit and then report them. Soooooo easy.

    And judging by the state of things, I've personally largely won that war.

    I'm currently working on /r/Conservative. They won't last long now.

    I mean, here we are on a PROGRAMMING website with these little butthurt incel alt-right whackadoo bitches... because they have no place left to go.


    I'm gonna let you all keep "Gab" though... free speech refugees need a place to go.

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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi don't care didn't read
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    @LotsOfCaffeine You're in a fucking thread ABOUT ME.

    You fucking care. So does that other trite dipshit.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I'll correct myself
    Too long, don't care what *you* have to say
    Didn't read

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    @LotsOfCaffeine Still fucking here.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine don’t even bother lol

    @msdsk 4chin is cool tho I’m glad people have somewhere to vent rather than do dumb stuff, also that Shia capture the flag saga was gold.

    This post harvested a lot of salt tho I will delete it soon 🤣
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    @JKyll the capture the flag thing was glorious
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    I mean, it's also the place where NZ mosque shooter came from
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    @msdsk 4chan can’t give birth to anything nor can devRant, if a a crazy dev does something stupid tomorrow while screaming devRant parlance it doesn’t mean it comes from here. Sick people are sick, blaming the media they consume is like blaming video games for violence.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Although, I'm generally not against teling for some good fun, your response to the people is kinda... rude, for the lack of a better word.

    The fun part about trolling is that you yourself don't believe in saying it so when somebody confronts you you all can laugh about it. I call it the prestige.

    Now bugger off, you.
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    @JKyll We’ve suspected leaving groups of people alone to their own devices was a bad thing since William Golding wrote Lord of the Flies in 1954.

    It just took 40 extra years for the internet to create virtual deserted islands.
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    I'm confused about this whole discussion. Trolling is good fun but anything taken to the extreme is not good. Balance and zen to us all
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