I no longer work for that unappreciative, condescending, dolt driven company!

Time for bigger and better things!

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    Time to celebrate partner
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    @codingmonk Oh, I'm celebrating alright. Sushi and sake, whiskey, finished off with a nice homebrew'd IPA and serenity.
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    Time to find a new unappreciative, condescending, dolt driven company.
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    lol, good luck finding another job then mate
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    I am so envious...
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    Looking for a rockstar ninja Java developer for a junior position at a leading company to work in an agile, dynamic team on bleeding edge technologies.

    * B.Sc in Software/Computer/Electrical Engineering or B.Sc in Computer Science.
    * 5 years of proven experience in Html5, Css3, JavaScript ES17, Angular 5.
    * Team player.
    * Passionate and motivated.
    * Self learner.
    * Available on weekends.
    * Able to withstand extreme temperatures and air pressure.
    * Able to see ultraviolet.

    Preferred skills:
    * Python
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    @Noob 5 years of Angular 5 experience... How?
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    @hack that's the point!
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    @Noob 😂 *this a million*
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