The internet becomes pay per download and the entire world decides “Na” making my job obsolete

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    Internet already was "pay per megabyte" and pretty much still is that with mobile devices.
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    @iiii its is already changing. here in germany are already mobile flatrates.
    for those who dont understand it: we have choosen cabel-tv over fibreoptic cables. we could have been at the top of the ranking of countries with the best internet connection since the beginning of the internet
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    Better than the current trend of spycam in everyone’s pocket, watch, tv, bedroom, car, office, and taxi.
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    @stop it was better when all those lemmings had to pay for megabyte and not pollute bandwidth with useless streaming.
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    Internet is pay for download right now except free wifi hotspots ( still paying ) and free hosting providers ( they’re still paying).
    I don’t know any country with free internet all over the place like I don’t know any country with 100% cellular coverage.

    You can make big free private network but to connect to internet you need to pay. Except your network is so big and fast you can exchange your payment for traffic but you need to pay for infrastructure anyway.

    Infras are biggest costs nobody see.
    Those are billions of dollars under the Sea, ground and in space so we can speak across continents.

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