Whoever the fuck at my university thought that a distributed systems project using Java Web services was a good idea? The server we're supposed to use (Glassfish) is so out-of-date, half the time spent on this project is just spent fixing fucking broken dependencies and otherwise getting it to play nice. Please just tell me this shit isn't used in industry outside of legacy applications.

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    Better than using java swing
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    Glassfish? The inventory software? I did an internship for a company that did an integration with them, the whole thing seemed ridiculous.
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    It's a uni project. Of course it's gonna be java. Because fuck you and fuck any development in distributed paradigm over the last 30 years amirite.
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    @punker1999 which we did have to use for the GUI 😂
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    @junon not sure about any inventory software, the one I'm talking about is a Java EE platform.
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