The. Fuck. I absolutely hate it when my supervisor asks me for a time estimate on a project when I have never used the language/framework for that project before. It's like saying, "Here's a winding path you've never run before that you need to run through. How long will it take you to get to the end?" Gosh, it's like the don't ever think about what they just said.

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    When I get the same kind of question from my project manager I tend to ask him back how long a project for a brand new racing car would take. Or a spaceship...
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    Even worse, the brand new marketing guy at my company keeps doing that same thing. And I'm just like..Wtf dude, I'm creating cutting edge systems that you literally can't even comprehend, and yet you feel it necessary to try to play like you're my supervisor and shit-talk my rate of development to the CEO in an effort to try to make your own lack of objective, measurable results look better? Please kindly go fuck yourself.
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    @miej your writing.....it's like poetry!
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