Going back to WhatsApp seems inevitable as most of my contacts won't switch to other viable options like one such as Signal. But with the look of things it seems Signal isn't ready to grow or scale massively just yet due to the funds that may go down the drain without any income strategy. I really see reasons from what this community user pointed out...

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    I really don't know what he is bitching about signal's ui/ux.
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    Users increased, Revenue didn't, It wasn't gradual increase, it will take time.
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    @coffeeholic yeah I actually prefer signals ui above whatsapp tbh.. And I don't care that I can't have a custom background (currently in beta I believe?) etc, as long as there is a dark theme lol.
    Only thing I must point out is that the color palette for group members is hideous!
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    This is one of the most incoherent posts I've read in a while - but I think this user is comparing "bad UX" with "lack of useless features".

    Sure, Signal doesn't have whatsapp features like "setting your status" or "broadcast messages" - but this lack of crap is quite appealing to me tbh. I just want the ability to call people & message people. Anything else is just useless fluff.
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    @AlmondSauce that "crap" is what normal people love, though. So, no crap, no new users.
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    @telephantasm Define "normal people". My mother can hardly stomach all of the features signal has. Telegram, matrix or whatsapp would confuse the hell out of her.
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    @C0MM1T Telegram is not a good alternative. E2E is not the norm and the owners have been pursuaded by governments before.
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    @junon ever occurred to you that's just your mom? I know plenty of people over 60 who do just fine with all that crap...

    Normal people are the great majority of users enjoying the crap you dislike, I don't even include myself in that group, so don't get all offended on me.
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    @telephantasm yeah I think all those stories and fleets and other stuff is also crap, but sadly a lot of people think it's awesome to have all different platforms imitate each other to remove their one identifying feature.

    The main thing that I miss in all platforms is one basic option: to hide some functionality for users who don't want to use it (like the whatsapp stories, Twitter fleets, etc). This makes it both easier for certain users to navigate and might actually make the apps somewhat faster to load/respond on some devices/networks.

    Thankfully whatsapp doesn't pollute your screen with stories like Twitter does, but I only hope that signal and other apps will try and up their game by giving users some freedom..
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    @telephantasm "Normal users" have no idea what Signal, Telegram or Matrix are.

    Please stop trying to find fault in what I said. Of course I considered that; I still said it, because I believe the opposite. Do not fault my point simply because I used an example to illustrate it.
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