I don't believe CSS is designed for human to reasonably write directly...

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    It's not a problem if you have a proper semantic HTML structure behind. However, if that is already a fucked up mess, the CSS can only go downhills.
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    It’s questionable at large scale, but anything below that? Sure. Just DFIU and don’t mess up your markup either.
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    Yeah, the real pros write their own rasterizers in Fortran, compile to web assembly and render their webpages with canvases.
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    If you have component encapsulation, it's perfectly doable.
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    Don’t get me started on this.

    @frogstair tell em
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    Css is reasonably intuitive enough but it's is a lot more unintuitive that it seems at first, just make sure to read up on anything related to what ur doing, to find any quirks that may stop u from progressing
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