My job involves writing a trading bot. Initially I thought it was gonna be cool but God I was wrong. Learning how to write in python (python's oop and indentation is a nightmare), backtesting a strategy, learning how to use libraries like backtester, TaLib , Pandas. All seems to have really steep learning curve and at the same time it is bloody boring.

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    Python's indentation works pretty well for me. But yeah, just stay away from OOP and JSON parsing in Python.
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    So it isn't cool?! Hard to believe actually...
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    you get used to the identation. OOP it's a bit different and you have to learn it apart, OOP knowledge on other languages does not translate fully to python. But great language after all, it's true that if you're learning how to use libraries on top of learning the language you're gonna feel overwhelmed. But keep going, python is a great language
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    @Oktokolo It isn't cool for me at least because I hate dealing with python and data and I also suck at it.
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    @juanchdzl Yes it doesn't translate well. Took me some time to figure out , class Teacher(Person) is actually Class Teacher extends Person and on top of that Python's documentation is a pile of hot mess. But you are right, it looks powerful but just that I may not have experienced it yet.
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    The Python standard library documentation is the best documentation about anything IT i ever read.
    I wonder, where you come from, that you call that a mess...
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    @Oktokolo U actually find this, https://docs.python.org/3.9/... good ? You must have god tier reading and comprehension abilities which I admit I don't have because I am more of a visual person . I am from JS & PHP background. I could somehow navigate what I don't know in the mdn docs, or even better docs would be this https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/. W3schools does a better job for python than the official docs itself.
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    Python has tutorials too:

    I never had to consult non-official documentation for Python.
    They really offer all the documentation for every aspect of the language and the eco system you could ever need in one place on the official site.
    I was so culture-shocked when i came there right after experimenting with Erlang and OCaml...
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