I spent months still confused what their source code actually serves, it is so dirty and not even specific. They never update.

I should just go for Nordic instead.

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    And now one person understands what its like reading Qcom code every single fucking day.

    Porting mainline linux kernel to qcom phones involves reading their stupid drivers.
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    If it requires drivers not included in the mainline kernel, it probably isn't worth touching.
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    @Oktokolo are you saying that no android phone is worth touching?
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    Smartphones in general are a grey area - because there just is no non-rotten option. But better wear gloves and definitely don't look at the code if you don't want to end as a pretty realistic statue.
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    @Oktokolo If people didnt touch smartphones and let it like that we would not have mainline kernel on smartphones. Yes its hard to do but its good for the future. Instead of 2 year lifespan you can ave the phone for 5+ years
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