I absolutely hate Quora.com - how they are always ranked high for tech searches is beyond me

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    And that they force you to register an account and send you 3 emails per second. 😣
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    Just hide their overlay with inspect element. Or use a private tab, I'm pretty sure that works most of the time.
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    I outright blocked it at my router
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    I honestly think quora is a nice source of alternative information.
    Especially when my mind is so turbulent with technical issues, its a wholehearted relief to know some random answers.
    Maybe because of that, I don't find their newsletter as annoying as Twitter's, for instance.
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    @ericwu91 I like their newsletter too, but it's mostly random non-tech stuff. I wouldn't use it as a main source for tech related information, it might be nice for some cases, mostly history stuff or inside views.
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    What are your favorite places for tech vs quora?
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    Honestly I stopped using Quora a year ago. It's populated with tons of shitty content that is useless and must be taken down. Quality of answers also decreased. I have answers with over 1M views and honestly they suck. Why people share it?
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