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    Then you're gonna hear a lot of "Saraaaaaaaaaap!!!"
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    @rutee07 mainggit sila :p
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    I think not going office is better
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    A vacation starting the day after a big release. Oh and leave your phone and laptop in the office so they know they can't contact you.
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    What I did was save up my holidays from the previous year, and then take off every Monday and Friday for 6 months in a row.

    Apparently I shouldn't have been able to do that, but thanks to automation I just filled in the correct form and it got rubber stamped. :-)

    Hurray for 4 day weekends !
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    @Eklavya we are already working remotely so disappearing completely is best

    @Nanos the longest I ever did was 3 weeks straight. it would be nice to have constant long weekends but I can't pull it off. I'm afraid to even try less it will jeopardize my chances for a promotion or at least a big pay raise.
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    @Nanos damn that’s awesome
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    @iamai that's pretty messed up... you should earn a raise without exploiting yourself ☹️ world we live in...
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    @eo2875 my bosses are good people. Most are not as technical which sometimes causes my rants but I just don't want to give our management any reason to see me less of a candidate for promotion over all the other employees they have who also wants it. I could apply for a a day or two leave but I'm refraining from taking one until I get good news. Best foot forward while calibrations are on-going :)
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    afraid to even try less it will jeopardize my chances for a promotion


    I'm reminded in a management meeting once, I kept standing up and correcting the speaker and telling them the figures they was giving, was wrong !

    They didn't like that..

    Eventually they said they had the figures right in front of them from the report.

    Again I stood up and spoke, this time saying that I had obtained a copy of their report an hour earlier, and the figures I see in front of me, are not the same as they ones they are quoting !

    At that point, they sat down and shut up. :-

    But a manager next to me whispered in my ear that wasn't the way to get promotion..

    I replied back that I didn't care about promotion, I cared about doing a good job.

    Naturally I never got promotion, and they was so glad when I wanted to leave, they leave me skip the 28 day leaving period. :-)

    But in the process, I did ensure that new equipment was ordered for all my staff.
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    The figures was something like equipment failure rate, 30% working, 70% non-working over a month.

    The manager reading from the report was saying they was 90% working, and only 10% not working, which was bending the truth so much !

    It wasn't like the company couldn't afford new equipment. ( The equipment they was using, was already second hand when they got it, so was now in the, its really worn out and you can't get new parts for it stage, since it was like 100+ years old ! )

    And our productivity had been suffering so badly because of it.

    I was always a pain like that, reading every report, getting copies. :-)

    Correcting the boss, other managers..

    Well, don't lie about things then if you don't want another member of staff to call you out about stuff, since there is always going to be someone watching..

    But perhaps everyone cares about their job too much to stick their head up and say anything.

    Which is understandable.
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    @Nanos I could understand bending the truth would be tough to witness. I don't really wanna care about office politics since a job done right gives me more satisfaction. But we just choose our battles and our champion. In this case I'm lucky to have a team lead to help pitch a good word for me. Hopefully my manager would agree and have all the reasons they need to fight for me during calibrations. Once we are up there then we pay it forward :)
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