Becoming independently wealthy and telling my employer I no longer require their services.

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    Best way to tell them is to climb on desk and take a dump.

    Remember to wipe your ass using hand and shake your boss hand before leaving - at least touch his clothes.
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    You can login to your boss’s computer and send a mass email from his email address saying how much he hates black people
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    Ensure the email is littered with the words nigger and porch monkeys. End it with MAGA
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    "....I no longer require their services."
    Next Level Swag
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    Free from the chain at last.
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    Idk, wouldn't it be fun to buy the company instead?
    *You enter your boss's room*
    "Yes, @root , what's it?"
    "Let's discuss about YOUR performance"
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    @piratefox This reminds me of another meme. Not programming related though. One day Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were having a chat:
    Bill: I just went to a department store.
    Steve: Nice, what did you buy?
    Bill: I bought the department store.
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    @algorithm0612 made sure to install good surveillance as always
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