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Looking for a song's lyrics... A very complicated task apparently. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd for whoever's interested.

Firefox: just one small thing to keep going, sorry we just updated our CA certs again. Screw you, close the browser. I will not restart it for you but I will tell you that I would. When you restart the browser, you will lose whatever search you were just doing. Sucks for you bastard! Enjoy the update.

Go to Genius Lyrics, please turn on JavaScript to run this "app". Done that? Okay now solve this CAPTCHA please. Um.. let me just leave that ingenious site.

Next one, AZ Lyrics: Yeah sorry your IP is from a hosting provider, but we will not tell you that is the reason. You've just been denied access to the site. See you next time! Everyone using a VPS to make a VPN connection with is obviously an abuser after all.

Finally found the lyrics on lyrics.com after a long journey that was way more complicated than it should've been. It's a good song.

Oh and Firefox consumed well over a GB for just a single tab of course...
I want Gopher, BBS, IRC and the likes back.

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    shazam, musixmatch....?
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    @mysth a few years back musicmatch (or sth like that) was implemented in Spotify, that was quite neat.
    But then they parted ways
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    @mysth Haven't tried them yet to be honest 😅 here I usually use my Telegram bot to download YouTube audio (128k) or a Deezer bot (320k). Do any of them work without a subscription?
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    I use youtube-dl to get my music, and whatever internet site has them for lyrics. azlyrics is usually my go-to because no bloat and good quality lyrics. Bonus points if the youTube video has lyrics I can download instead so I don't have to sync them manually
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