Has anyone experience with true full remote working?

I keep searching for job postings, but they mostly have huge BUT(s)

- remote BUT you need to be resident where the company is
- remote BUT you need to have a valid vat number and it won't be a contract, just a "we will ask x hours per month, you get no vacations or sick days"
- remote BUT you need to be in our timezone or work at our hours.

I am lately thinking a lot about what to do with my life due to the possibility that i will move with my sweet half and... We live very far apart so it's like... A bummer to be bound to a place. Especially since they love where they are, but i have a free house which I inherited, so... Could be nice as a fallback

Edit: the vat number thing is not necessarily bad, but one of the main reasons to work as an employee is that i get sick days and stuff, if i have to follow your hours, get no sick days/vacation days/benefits i may as well be a freelancer and gain more, lol.

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    1. Find remote job.
    2. Move to free house.
    3. Put a ring on it.
    4. ???
    5. Profit
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi step 4 is flex it on whover said you'd fail in life!
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    I personally enjoy a 100% remote job. Not telling you how I got it tho 😜
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    @eo2875 me angy grrr grr
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    I've been doing 100% remote since March last year. Don't think I'll go back to normal ever. Maybe look for a normal job and convince the employer you'd be fine with a remote job after proving you're fine working from home for a while? Before wfh, the only thing stopping my company was trust issues, and even then, I still did remote half the week.
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    - remote BUT you need to fly a Cessna over the border without appearing on the radar once a week...
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