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    For real? I'd talk to HR. And remember, there are laws against recourse.
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    @Letmecode my male coworker would wear pheromone cologne and then when helping me debug stand really close to me (at a normal distance for sharing one computer, if you aren't trying to give someone extra space). My brain gets all fuzzy while trying to figure the issue out from the stuff. I end up feeling super dumb and it kinda zaps my concentration. It's not totally impossible or whatever, just annoying.

    I think he was just putting it on in the morning in the hopes of it affecting his dating at night, totally forgetting that he sometimes works with women. He has a girlfriend now and it seems like it's mostly stopped.
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    @Neotelos I don't think it was intentional/targeted at me. More personal space would be good, but most of my coworkers stand pretty pretty close. Nothing creepy, just a little annoying. Social skills aren't their strong suit.
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    @starless I thought "pheromone cologne" was just a euphemism for bad body odour!
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    Hehe as the only girl in my team, I totally get this. It is the natural pheremone (Body Odour) I am subjected to in elevators, small meeting rooms etc
    Nasal Assault 😣
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    Doesbitt really do anything but smell disgusting? Or does it have a negative effects due pheromones?
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