Manager A : "You've done a great job, you'll get a X raise"
Manager A: "I was not able to negotiate it, but you'll get a X bonus to compensate for it"
*Manager A leave the society*
Manager B: "A bonus? Never heard of it"
Me : Resign.

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    Wait, did the first manager die?
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    @iiii he went for an another job! Looks like the amendment I received never went through HR..
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    Who would've seen that coming
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    I'm in the middle of this right now. Just got a new manager after the old one quit and if I don't get the raise she promised me I'll be leaving too.

    Although threatening to leave might actually get me that raise.
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    @EmberQuill I didn't even bother to do it.
    I was rejecting an offer for months cause I had no problem with them and the job was okay, felt like it was time to move on and accept it!
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