I was hired as Project Manager.

After few days, I discovered that:
- I didn't have a team
- I was also the main and only developer
- all the projects I was assigned to were late
- I was also the account manager and I had to explain the delay to the customers.

And no, the salary didn't make up for the daily loss of reputation.

I lasted more than I thought, when I discovered that customers were not interested in delivery either, as it was a kind of money laundering scheme

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    Money Laundering as a service?

    What the fuck
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    Wait, what?
    What was the company selling/doing?
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    @Berkmann18 Bills. Money laundering companies sell bills.
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    @Berkmann18 Mostly fake R&D projects. I had to produce fake GANTT in the final reports with inflated man hours.
    As the sum of the man-hours was easily more than the IT staff could deliver, I had to put the names of the cleaning staff as junior devs in order not to raise suspicions.

    I was successful, even if I don't exactly what to write in my CV now.
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    @willcandy Accounting experience?
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    Now we know who the Affordable Care Act website developers were. ;-)
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    Time to do some blackmailing from a random email and recibe a few bitcoins.
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    The line 'And no, the salary didn't make up for the daily loss of reputation.' is worth cocaine.

    You forgot to mention that you were lead as well :D And QA! :D Sloppy
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    @eptsousa yeah, let's poke the bear. Make sure you have a pack of wolves around you to beat it.

    I would just move to other job.
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