So I do pay for all the software that I use if they request that I do. Cannot expect fellow devs to work their butts off to create good software that makes my job easier and not support their efforts. I paid $25 for Bootstrap Studio today and was more than happy to do so.
If you use software without supporting your fellow developers you should be ashamed of yourself.

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    Or you could use Pingendo for free, guilt-free.
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    I don't agree. I agree with the principle but not with something else. I'm fine with paying for software as long as I have the freedom to modify it to suit my needs and distribute those modifications. If not, sorry but nope. I'm not going to pay for some proprietary stuff. But hey, solely my personal opinion.
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    @linuxxx I guess he didn't mean to pay for proprietary, instead he was trying to say pay for the software what ever you use. If the developer is asking for money for the software it should be paid and software should be used legally instead of pirating. And I sure you mean the same thing but in terms of open source that is use it legally but only open source stuff.
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