What's with the 4 pixel wide scrollbars on some desktop software these days? Does nobody care about accessibility anymore?

No seriously.

Fuck you.

And why the fuck does open source software seem to be the main culprit - as usual.

And tutorials telling us to add an extra blank line to our source code because fucking Linux distros decide to put an overlay horizontal scrollbar just over the top of where the last visible line in an editor appears.

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    Cargo cult shitheads who just thoughtlessly copy what's done on mobile without thinking why. Thin scrollbars that vanish make sense for mobile because they're used for showing where you are in a list, not for scrolling.

    I'm hoping that people are going to get over the "omg smartphone" hype very soon.
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    @QoolQuy2000 You know what I would like? Maybe at least only in theory maybe not in real use, is if scrollbars were thinner but the closer the mouse gets to them the wider they become until they reach their full width. At least that way you get the best if both worlds - if that's what you're into. But then again, that would create an unnecessary overhead so.. probably better without.
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    @Jase hmm, I'm a bit weary of overly animated UI elements. Makes them trickier to click when they move. Scrollbars don't take much space on desktop anyway, no need to animate their size down. Hence why they fade out on mobile: save valuable screen space and they're not UI widgets (the entire screen is a scroll area basically).
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    @StefanH Ick, doesn't Windows 10 do that? Really annoying over a slow Teamviewer connection, as you can never be sure if you missed the thin resize frame, or if it's just taking a moment to update.
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    I'm scrolling through this thread while watching the transparent right scroll bar appear and disappear. :)
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    @Jase Ubuntu used to do that
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    I hate accessibility. I feel like to an extent it's fine, but once I have to start adding ridiculous amounts of special code to accommodate every screen reader, I feel like maybe the screen readers should fix and standardize their product instead of expecting developers to add a whole bunch of hacks to their apps to make the UI read the same on all the screen readers.
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    Imo the only correct way to display scrollbars is the way Mac does it. Why do windows browsers and apps have to have this 10px wide old ugly scrollbar area?
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