I've had two different old coworkers that liked to yell at their computers. The first was a grayed biker who always wore a spiked leather jacket and could never understand what you say the first time do to his massive concerts in his youth. He used to swear some of the worst obscenities and slam his keyboard. He was actually a really nice guy.

The second used to make up obscenities. Myself and another coworker would keep mental logs of the things he said. The best was "fuckbats", we had many long talks about what a "fuckbat" would be and it's general elusiveness. He was also a nice guy, really one of the nicest devs I've ever worked with, he just got really intense under pressure.

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    Your biker friend is my totem animal.
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    I know quite a devs who get pretty intense under pressure. Normally very nice people, very intelligent, just scary if they are under pressure lol
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    The scarier they can be, the nicer they usually are. 😂
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