Why many students use bluej while eclipse is far better?

I want to be a programmer so, in future probably I will join any college or something.
So, I want to know what is special in bluej That eclipse can't fulfill?

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    I also have to use BlueJ at school. I don't like it but especially for beginners it's way easier to understand the structure of the Programm by looking at every object with the inspect Funktion than to you own debugging code.
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    BlueJ, is for students who want to learn Java. Especially beginners won't use something like... Generate Getters/Setters, Constructors, Progran-Flow Error Detection, and so on. BlueJ is just for learning Java, Netbeans/Eclipse should be for being productive.

    But IntelliJ is better than Eclipse/Netbeans :P
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    Im sure we were supposed to use it in 1st year of college, I never did, I've always been a NetBeans guy but Blue Jay auto generates class diagrams from what I remember seeing.
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    I think eclipse (i had never used netbeans) should be for students because eclipse inform me error of program before running program. This causes efficient programming and yes its shortcut keys are great.

    I will surely write in program in eclipse and open it in bluej(in college)
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    @Nayan there's nothing wrong with using a proper IDE if you know what your doing, as someone said previously, schools/colleges often start with basic text editors to teach students, if you have an IDE that's auto generating classes or telling you what's wrong with your code, your never going to learn properly.
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