My plan was to potato today.

... But given anxiety, might as well have a minor heart attack and a few panic attacks on the side.

Plus, second day of no proper food seems to be helping that cause greatly too.

At this rate, I'll die of dehydration first. Lol. My greatest regret is missing out on the robot's uprising. Ain't got nobody I love deeply, so at least I don't feel regrets for people I leave behind. Tiz a short meh life I've lived.

Aight. Ms NoRegrets is out.

In case you're stupid, let me clarify: I was being a drama queen. Shall fetch water... soon, hopefully.

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    When I only have shit food and am too lazy to go shopping, I just don’t eat at all.. just lots of water. Feel much better afterwards.
    Basically I accidentally discovered fasting 😄

    Same, wanted to be a potato today but woke up at 7am, went for a drive, a walk, hung out at the lake at am now sitting at home sipping my Heineken at 2pm😅
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