My new work/study place at home, yay! :D

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    That looks kinda bad for your back
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    Make that a real computer table and chair and you have my set up, I just sold my FX 8 core to down size, so now when in the office the laptop hooks up like it would if it was a PC, also gives me a nice feel of difference what is needed at times when programming.
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    @aronmik Not really, I sit back in the beanbag, with laptop on my lap and facing more towards the second display. But your consideration has been noted!
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    @Rexzooly That's just a temporary measure before I redecorate my apartment.
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    @nalread I down sized, my laptop plays my games so I felt maybe the power house that can cost me a lot to use needs to be sold :) tho the laptop is nothing to bitch at lol but I believe more docking systems should be created so we can use one unit for more, make a doc what as the big GFX, more power so on and click in the same laptop/netbook or in places phones and be able to use the same data I don't see the need anymore for many units to do one job.
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    Turtle Beach px 22?
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    @TurnItOffAndOn Naaah, I wish! They're just some cheap headphones, I gave something like 7 bucks for them :P
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