Do your companies have dedicated software / web architects / designers, or are most places just a group of developers who are also expected to do design and architecture work?

Do you have dedicated front end teams and back end teams, or are most places just a mix of people who do everything?

I'm asking this because im a junior dev being given a large project, mostly to head up on my own (!), where I have to do design and architecture work which I feel is completely out of my comfort zone, and I want to know if this kind of thing happens often? Are developers supposed to design specs, pick the tech to use.. etc.?

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    I do all this, by myself. It's always gonna be uncomfortable. Just do what you think is right, think ahead as best as you can, and code like someone else will be following your footsteps. cheers!
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    Yes we have. Also yes, they’re supposed to. The smaller the team the wider knowledge should each team member have.
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    It depends on the type and size of the company you are working in. Most small companies (startups, or companies with less than 10-person teams) will expect you to have an overall knowledge of the whole development process. But if you work in large corporates or mid-to-large sized companies, your responsibilities will be very focused, and there will be separate teams/department handling each aspect of a development process.
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    Yeah, I work at a large company (16K+ employees) where the Engineering has specialised roles (Solutions Architect, SQA, DevOps Engineer, UI Architect) but we (especially in my team where most of us are Graduate Software Engineers) have a lot of full-stack people even at senior level. And a huge chunk of people seem to be T-shaped (either on FE or BE).
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    It's usually a composite role "full stack", at the lowest salary.
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    @lotd Well that just sucks
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