FUCK YOU, Windows Firewall.

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    Can you please tell your story? :)
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    @Gatgeagent maybe he did but the firewall blocked it 🙃
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    Definately interested.

    Also, it's more like windows firedoor
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    Well, it's not really a story. I've used security suites before which include good firewalls. Some time ago I decided to keep things simple and stuck to Defender + Tiny Wall. TinyWall is a nice little app that acts as an alternative front end to Windows Firewall. This is mostly fine, but from time to time Windows Firewall decides to act funny and randomly deny access to apps I've whitelisted. Moreover the control panel is a complete mess. Run -> 'wf.msc' and try to allow everything for every profile - what I did with the intention of managing things entirely in TinyWall - and boy, did I fail miserably.
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    By the way, I'm open to suggestions. A while ago I tried ZoneAlarm and didn't really like it. I liked ESET's firewall, if I could get it standalone (without the AV), it would be great.
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