Seriously what's wrong with the market right now, this is basically what some job ads said. They were even from the same company

Frontend job ad: are you a rainbow rockstar developer who just loves to code OwO(unpaid overtime) [buzzwords...]

Embedded systems job ad:
Serious job description
Required experience in c/c++
Other non bs stuff

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    Front end job is involving less established technology, the requirements are "nice and shiny" and the ad is issued by some HR knob high on Cocaine.

    Embedded systems job is dealing with rather well established technology, the requirements are laid out by an engineer and the ad is issued by some engineering manager focused to a needle pin by Adderall.
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    That's called finding your target audience
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    @electrineer so frontend jobs target high-schoolers and stereotypical millenials? 😂
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    learn C
    frontend is gey
    (self irony: C is- asm for idiots)
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    Front end job still pays a lot more. Feels bad man.
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    @PepeTheFrog where do you live that they pay frontend more than embedded engineers?
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    @matt-jd french canadian province that has trouble getting up-to-date with tech because the society is stuck in its old ways.

    Luckily that is quickly changing with the mass arrival of US tech companies and remote work. Good engineers jump ship to shitty entitled native companies because US companies can offer more than 50% increase in salary and better benefits for less responsibilities.

    We are still under payed compared to our US counter part, but no matter. It's still a win-win for both parties.
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    @PepeTheFrog well hope you guys get better pay soon then, here embedded gets paid more
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