Can't decide whether I like React or not. Hated it in the beginning, then sort of started liking it and even thinking it was great just to fall back to the dislike stage again where I roll my eyes and think it's a messy, crowded pile of shit that breaks with all sorts of good software principles. This has fluctuated up and down for over 3 years.

It's the only language/technology/framework I have had this experience with. Weird.

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    Like anything there is room enough to dork it up, or do it right.
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    It's based on literally 1 simple idea. Once you get JSX tags are just DOM calls and you keep side effects on the top of your hierarchy, it gets really easy. You can (and should) keep applying separation of concerns and the like, but it's more complicated than just a matter of HTML on one side and an imperative language on the other.

    What other good software principle does it break?
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    Honestly after vue I think react is ridiculously inelegant and so full of useless boilerplate it hurts. But it works so...
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    It's plenty good.

    I just hate it because FB.
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    Hmm so far react-native has been the most enjoyable experience for me.

    Usually only redux that usually quirks me a little.
    And well, debugging class components.
    Often somebody forgot to pass props to super in a constructor :p
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    Yep, I tried to write my rant in a way not to trigger any discussion about whether React is good or not. I just find it a bit weird that after 20 years in the industry working on a whole array of different technologies this is the first time I can't permanently land on either the "I like it" or the "I hate it" side of one.
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    I think it's the case of it being just good enough but not brilliant. It's a solid tool even if a bit dated in some of its approaches now.
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    @msdsk vue is just a cheap angular. I hated it when I tried.
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    @lotd typescript, friend. you’ll never debug that problem again
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