What are your best focus music playlist ?

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    Been on a synth wave kick lately because the family has been home and they can stand it.

    So like Kavinsky, Badass Wolf Shirt, Blvck Ceiling, Lazerhawk, Timecop 1983.

    But when I'm alone it's usually straight metal.

    Fear Factory, Coal Chamber, System, Slipknot, Lamb of God.

    I don't know why I'm like this.
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    I usually listen to classic rock when I need to focus! Here's the playlist I listen to (in case you want to check it out):
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    How do people work with music?
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    Untitled playlist
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    My playlist is kind of a mixed bag consisting of:

    - Metal

    - Punk

    - Folk(punk/metal)

    - J-Pop

    - Frenchcore

    - Happy Hardcore

    - The GuP OST
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    The usual sound tracks like

    "The meeting before the scrum call"
    "Scrum call"
    "The meeting after the scrum call"

    Sometimes i even listen to
    "Debugging server issue with system admin while his entire family makes noise around him"
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    @aviophile That's how some get into the z o n e

    Depends on the music ofc
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