Parts of the code I am working on date back to the early nineties, written in ancient C++ with lots of special cases for ancient compilers by people with 0-2 years of coding experience.
My favourite coding moment is every time when after refactoring a part of the code, it has about 1000 lines less (no exaggeration), is more reliable, AND can do a lot more than before.

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    How does it feel to know that you removed some code written by someone who might possibly be dead?
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    @theabbie you do realise a good many people live long enough to retire?
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    @theabbie Haven't had that yet, I think :)

    But there was a reunion party of the institute where the code came from and I was talking to a guy in his 50s who wrote parts of it when he was in his late 20s. That was weird. I mean he was delighted to hear that some of what he had produced back then was still an integral part of the software. But since he had typed this into his 486 PC, he had married, got a kid, divorced, started his own company. 25 years man... That is a lot of time.
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    I've got a big heap of garbage from 7 years ago at my work.

    I can't wait until we don't need it and I can fucking delete the whole thing.

    Refactoring is so satisfying
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    @100110111 It is very much possible that many might be dead in these unexpected times.
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    @YADU Ohhh yeah!
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