New Project at work.
First commit: 'Initial commit'
Second commit: 'Refactoring'

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    If one person has written a proof of concept and thats been submitted as first commit it isnt that strange
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    @Codex404 it was more like:

    First commit: We will do it this way *creating models and business logic*

    Second commit(an hour later): We need to change the architecture, we need to use design pattern x and y, we need to split repos,...
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    sounds like a classic development process.

    You always need to refactor your code until your standard of perfection is achieved.

    Like forging a sword from raw metal, you need to deform the metal (your code) first then melt it along a different metal (some other guys code in open source). From that blend you forge the sword (code) and hammer it (refactor) to perfection.
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    1) Initial commit.
    2) Committing missed files. See previous commit.
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