Watching the small interpreter that I am building compile and run as I want it to is my big highlight, I am working on a project that a lot of people will hate really (I am trying to bring back VBScript for the web, but adding a ton of shit to it to make it a proper PHP alternative, this is a side project really)

But before that? Understanding the neckbeard rants in hacker news, legit, I used to browse there trying to find perspective of what experts would think, would not understand shit, eventually, skills came (and so did the degree) and I was able to fully understand them and even interact with them.

that also squandered all notions of impostor syndrome.

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    > I am trying to bring back VBS for the web

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    @frogstair two reasons:

    1. Cuz I fucking can
    2. Cuz I made way too much money from classic ASP
    3. (Special Edition Answer) Because I don't care what neckbeards say and just like money.
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    You know what?
    VBScript was the first language I ever used to created a bigger project and it taught me a lot about programming back in the day

    I support this project!
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