I saw a colleague of mine cry when I was undertaking my first internship.
Asked them why they were crying and i found out they were very frustrated at a task she had to do periodically, which required repetitive work.

I wrote a script to automate the task without being requested to, since I had some spare time and when I told them they hugged me and thanked me a lot.

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    Post Women’s day sexism is coming from me.

    Was she a woman? Are you a simp?
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    @aviophile yeah she was, unfortunately in italy makes tends to not ask for help a lot and to not express joy as good.

    Nah not simping, i was in a very good mental state back then, i helped a lot of people and took nice initiatives in those days!
    Plus i had an extreme crush for a girl back then! (At some point in my rants i mention the fact I basically learned to code to impress her)
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    Honestly, this is one of the best examples of why programming is so awesome and I'd support anyone who's trying to learn it

    With the rise of computers, boring, long repetitive tasks should be a thing of the past and tons of people can benefit mentaly from shedding this type of work... I'm trying to automate anything I can and It's awesome!

    You did good that day!
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    @Hazarth It's quite literally one of the reasons I got into code in the first place... to make things that will help others in a variety of ways...

    Like most of the tools I made are meant to take some repetitive task and turn it into a few minor clicks instead.
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    I‘ts always refreshing to read such a nice story after so many rants! Makes life a bit more joyful...but now, back to salt mines and debug the shit out of that code from hell 😂
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    So you replaced your colleagues job with a script !? Surprised she is happy with that... /s

    Seriously, the feeling of power we get when we help someone get out of trouble is addicting.
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    @purist to be honest it was added job... In a typical italian fashion it's the classical: "how hard can it be to add a couple of lines in excel?" (Except "a couple" is 1k)
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    @piratefox Oh my god. tell me about it.. working with excel is surely one of the worst things a developer can be put to do..
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    @purist i think you misunderstood, she was the one forced to do so, not me 😅
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    @piratefox Yeah yeah..I was taking that opportunity to rant.. I consider myself a developer, but i keep getting put to work with fkin excel.
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    @purist i know that feeling... I basically realized I was reimplementing a db structure in an excel document... And yet had no other way to do it because... Well, non-tech customers don't want to have to deal with databases. Excel only.

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    @piratefox well you could always give it a nice front end to display the data in a better understandable or structured fashion :)
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