Okay, so a bit of context. I got this AWS credit as some kind of reward for participating in some startup hackathon. Okay no big deal, Imma just redeem it on my personal AWS account and load up some EC2 instances for my bois to stage stuffs up there. No big deal

Until the fucking credit expire. Normally you guys would think AWS would be professional and send some kind of email about the about-to-be-expired credit but fuck no. They decide to be a cunt and start piling charges on my debit card instead.

Unlucky for them because I, being sensible, didn't put too much money in the debit account. The cunts at AWS tried to charge me but they failed.

Guess what motherfuckers, I've just changed my payment method and lock my cash just in case. Ban my account, I don't care, I don't really use it that much anyway, you won't get another penny from me.
Fucking capitalist pigs

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    Yeah, this is partly why I don't use AWS much for personal stuff. Way too easy to run up huge bills without realising.
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