When JS changes won't reflect even after Ctrl+Shift+R.

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    How is this enjoyable?
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    Incognito/private window?
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    JUST had this happen with some shitty site that was hosted on GoDaddy.

    IDK why their cache is so damn sticky, but I found a WP plugin "Clear My Cache for Me" that actually works as advertised.

    Other things to try for clearing cache.

    1. Hit CTRL+SHFT+R a bunch of times angrily.
    2. Say "Oh you mother fucker" before putting a question mark at the end of the URL in the address bar.
    3. Clear browser cache while mumbling about how much of a pain in the ass your life just became for the next 24 hours.
    4. Add a question mark after the call to the JS file, swear more.
    5. Delete the file in question from your local.
    6. Delete the file in question from your server.
    7. Reboot that piece of shit EC2.
    8. Literally reinstall chrome.
    9. Reinstall the entire operating system.
    10. Realize you had misspelled the name of the file by one letter.
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    @Berkmann18 I feel it once it resolved.
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    @imaji not necessary.
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    @kira So that part should have been in the OP, which itself seems to be the complete opposite of this week's them.
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    Blame the database
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