It was fun to watch my entire high school (~1200 people) freak out when I ran "net send * Big brother is watching you..." on what I found to be an insecure computer in my high school's library. Every single computer in the building displayed the pop up message. The town's IT director even showed up to figure out what happened.

I was caught, but they were more happy it wasn't a hacker, and that I discovered that the IT firm the town hired totally botched properly implementing network security, so I was let off the hook.

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    Big brother is watching you...
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    Good one!! The proper next step would be for them to hire you as a consultant!
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    Oh man I have a similar story.
    My high-schools computers were all connected over a network as well, I forget what we all did for this, but in short any client machine connected could be shut down from any other computer on the network with a popup message that appeared before shutting down. The only logical option (for us teenagers) was to shut down computers that people were doing homework on with a message like "Doesn't life suck? Shut down in 10 seconds". It was a treat watching kids swear and piss off after we shut their computer down.
    Another good story was when I used my phone (back when they had IR blasters on them) to keep fucking up the projector when the schools principal was trying to give a presentation and poor student behavior. Definitely worth the hassle of getting my phone to connect to the right IR frequency
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    @nicnaknic that's awesome haha
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    @nicnaknic owwww yeah, the time phones had IR :o this is so old ^^
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