Somehow wk37: At my workplace you get "caked" if you don't lock your computer. Which actually means that its very likely that someone will write in company wide chat that you will bring cake tomorrow. :)

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    We Do the Same with coffee, but only department wide
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    Good practice! I mean really it's just basic security
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    We had something similar. Company wide email inviting to a birthday party 🎉
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    @mrstebo that's evil. I had a coworker announce to the entire division (around 80 people) at MY farewell party (last day on the job ) that I'll also be having a birthday party on the weekend and that he can't come. Needless to say I only invited a select few people from work. That asshole.
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    @Charmgoggles i think so as well. There are other companies where you can get fired for not locking your computer.
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    On the other hand... Isn't a workplace supposed to be open and cooperative? Aren't coworkers supposed to be trustworthy on that they won't mess with your stuff while you're away?
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    @outfrost depends on the work of course.
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    Personally, I prefer to change the wallpaper to pink ponies. Forgetful co-worker will get the message without getting embarassed in public. And if someone else notices the new wallpaper, you are going to hear veeery interesting explanation ;)
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    @tnnn that works too
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