Not here nor in my prior workplace I have seen any prank. And actually I like this a lot. Don't we have enough shit to go through to tease each other with antiquated, stupid tricks that weren't even funny in the century of their invention? Maybe I am just a humorless German,.. but wouldn't that be part of any professional attitude?

h3ll seemed to express a similar thing, but probably she deleted her account. So we are in devrant without hell. May the memes rule like in fezbook-h3ll.

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    Yes you're a humorless German. Don't we have enough seriousness and challenges at work and home? A prank or trick can lighten the mood in these kind of situations or challenges, don't take everything so seriously.
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    I would not like to at a place where we did not have a little bit of fun during the day 😊 in my world work have to be fun.
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    @W1ckeD Well, you know, that's just like your opinion, man.
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    @phorkyas So unlike you to be funny! Well done!
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    @W1ckeD Didn't want to trigger you or anybody - maybe only a bit -, for me it was more about the taste and style than forbidding that stuff altogether.

    For example I liked the sarcastic and harsh comments by h3ll - even the pun on the wright way: https://www.devrant.io/rants/374998 - that's now gone.
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    agreed, pranks r just annoyances cast as jokes, which is an invalid cast imo
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    so what if you're German, I'm American and if you screw with my stuff or waste too much of my time chances are unless you get on a plane I'm about to make you regret what you did
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