Two mobile devs were talking for 10 minutes in this zoom meeting whether "the component on the bottom should be hidden, or made sticky".

I just could not contain my laughter any longer when they showed an animated mockup comparison, and the product manager yelled excitedly: "Oh yeah, I love the one where it's very visible and sticky! But could you make it bigger for me?"

Sorry HR. I will never become a grown up boy.

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    I'll make that control so big and sticky you'll soak your panties.

    Justing sitting there on that web portal, using that big sticky control, and wet n' settin' in it.
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    HR is the best
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi bruh, stop it! Some of us are...easily exciteable.
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    If you're gonna make it big and sticky, at least add a little button or tag to easily hide the component off to one of the sides like a drawer element.

    Options beat simplicity, ever time. Some people disagree. But every piece of software I've ever seen, in version 2 or later, when the devs simplified it, people complained about losing features and options.

    If anything if you're not gonna add it now, always at least keep it as a potential future improvement.
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