Another day, another company that doesn’t live up to its own hype.

This time interviewing for a company that only want people who are willing to start with the language they currently know but learn other programming languages and not shy away from new things.

Brilliant, I’m up for that. I love learning and want to be at a place that values learning. I’ve got 20+ years of experience and I’ve learnt all sorts in that time to stay relevant. Currently I’m a c# dev, but I’ve worked on projects using JavaScript & Typescript, Angular, React etc. Done front end and back end, taught myself mongo and architecture. Point is that I have a proven track record of learning.

To cut a long story short, they give me a .net test. Nothing special about it. I have a 4 hour chat. And a week later I’m rejected because I don’t do Python. WTF?!

I thought this place was all about allowing people to learn if they were willing, not about what they know right now. I’m calling bullshit.

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    You missed the fine print:

    "...start with a language you know*"

    * Python
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    Well at least they filter themselves out
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    It's great to get rejected after the interview process for something that could be got from your resume, isn't it!
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    "Do you know Python?"
    "Absolutely! 'Life of Brian' is my favorite, though 'Quest for the Holy Grail' is a close second"
    "Not the Python we meant"
    "Oh, too bad. Watch me funny walk out of here."
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    Total bullshit. When you've got decades of experience shipping products in multiple languages, there's no reason to get sidelined with the "but you don't know the language" B.S. if you know something comparable, which C# totally is! If you're not trying to totally cut new "green field" code on your own, but are working in a team with other experienced, responsible developers and doing pull req's with decent code reviews, you'll get all the Python you need to become effective in the first two weeks (honestly, probably less).

    Sounds like a nice potential flavor of age discrimination, if you ask me...
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    @JustThat If they REALLY knew Python, they'd know that Python was named after Python:)
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    Next time just say you know it, and pick it up over the weekend. If you already know c#, js, ts, etc then learning one of the easiest languages(python) should be a cakewalk.
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    Yeah, complete time wasters.
    Places should have to pay 50% of the time you take out to talk to them, there’s too many taking the piss these days.
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    @wackOverflow if they had put some in front of me I’m sure I could’ve told them what it was doing. They never even mentioned it 😡
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