Professor in Programming 1 & 2, 54 years old, divorced, has two kids in our age, golf player

Every time, he came in, we started with the lecture, than he started to talk about politics, greta, the stupid young people, specially the women, always the women. While he was talking to himself or asking us students very personal questions to judge us and recommend how we should do it better, he was talking himself into rage. We never learned something about cs or java longer than 10 minutes, the other long hours he only talked and talked about personal stuff or politics.
One day he asked us about the method of training a dog. You train a dog with pushing his face into his own pee. Than he said with us it is more difficult and that if he would be allwoed he would use methods like this and other very effective stuff on us.
He always starts his emails with
Dear humans
To make fun about gendering.
Another day a student came 1 minute to late, the prof stopped talking became very angry, first he went to a armchair and was sitting there for 15 minutes without saying a word, than he left without a word the room for 30 minutes and when he came back we had to listen to one of his monologues for some hours like usually.

And these are only some samples, he always acted like a little kid, but our university is very poor and i dont think they can effort a better professor for this.

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    What an idiot.

    Not you, you're just welcome to devRant :) Good first rant
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    Universities seem to be a hot bed for the old to force their views onto their students, whatever side they might be on. Maybe we see a common issue here?
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    Fix his brakes?
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    This would totally make me want to come in late (or do something else to make him leave), and start teaching the class in his absence. 😁
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    Professors shouldn't have authority over the code of conduct and tests should be evaluated relative to each other while the variance grades the teacher's performance.
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    @Root I think brake fluid might be a good idea.
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    That sounds like burnout.
    Everyone asks who is the professor, but noone asks how is the professor.
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    Could this be recorded in multiple sessions and then presented to his superiors (anonymously)?
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    "Dear humans" is actually pretty fun 🙂
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